Electrical Plans Riser Diagrams Lift Station
Power Plans Utility Service Calculations Telephone/CATV
Lighting Plans Generators, Wind and Solar Systems Fountains/SPA
Panel Schedules Emergency Power Systems Marinas & Boatyards
Office Suite Plans Legally Required Standby Power Sys. Aircraft Hangers
Warehouse Plans Optional Standby Systems Fire Alarm Systems
Plan Specifications Expert Witness Testimony Auto Repair Garage
Construction Admin Medical Facilities Fuel Dispense Facilities

Pre-Design Services
Existing Facilities Survey consist of:
1. Analysis of existing electrical systems capabilities
2. Analysis of existing fire protection systems capabilities
3. Analysis of existing building security systems capabilities
4. Analysis of existing building energy management systems capabilities
5. Review of existing drawings for critical inaccuracies
6. Development of updated existing conditions drawings
7. Schematic Concept Design
8. Economic Feasibility Studies

Core Competencies
Professional Engineers (PEs) with knowledge of:
• Electrical Power Distribution System design,
• Lighting/Photometric design, and
• Short circuit coordination and calculation (aka Time-Current plot for trip devices).

Solar Photovoltaic Design

Photometric Design

Power & Light Distribution Design